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Our focus is well-planned, perfectly executed logistics




logistics center

Inventory tracking, including product insurance. We have cranes with lifting capacity from 3.2 to 30 tons. We are able to store and transfer goods of any type.


customisation possible

Offices are available from CZK 2,000 / month. Option to modify office sizes according to the requirements of the tenant.


Prices range from CZK 250 (outdooir areas) to CZK 550 – 800 per m2/year (inhouse areas). Warehouses, factories, garages, workshops from 50 m2 – 3,000 m2


Previously known as Kovona Karviná, Karvina Industrial Park has dozens of production and storage halls and numerous administrative premises spanning a total of more than 130,000 m2.


offers long-term and short-term leasing oF:

  • Production and storage areas, garages (also for lorries) and outside areas
    • includes cranes and railway sidings
    • administration of consignment warehouses (including all services – unloading and loading of trucks, inventory tracking)
    • use of transport vehicle parking
  • Consignment warehouses including the use of railway sidings, lifting capacity up to 30 tons, including options for cargo handling using a mobile ramp
    • includes management of archive and file registers
  • Administrative and office premises
    • secretarial services (receipt of mail, faxes, messages, etc.)
    • option to furnish offices
    • meeting room rental
    • training room rental
  • Premises for archiving documents
  • KARVINÁ INDUSTRIAL PARK additional services:
    • 24-hour security
    • cafeteria
    • sanitary facilities including changing rooms

PPK’s primary advantage is to enable you to start manufacturing, warehousing, and doing business virtually immediately without any undue delay for constructing buildings or dealing with construction permits.

Hale przemysłowe do wynajęcia w Karwinie
Powierzchnie biurowe do wynajęcia w Karwinie
Stołówka w Karwińskim Parku Przemysłowym
Stołówka w Karwińskim Parku Przemysłowym

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    Fax: +420 597 481 202
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